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1 Armoured Squadron Workshop, RAEME, South Vietnam
OC's Diary — January - June 1968

Capt Bruce Dittmar
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I was asked by some members of the 1 Armed Squadron Workshops if they could have a copy of my Diary covering the six month period I was with the Workshop in South Vietnam. With due consideration, I decided to rewrite the diary omitting my own personal matters and some observations and remarks I had included regarding personnel which I consider not of interest to other people.

One unabridged copy of the diary is in the RAEME Corps Museum and the original is in the Australian War Museum, Canberra, which is available for research workers.


I would like to thank all the men of 1 Armed Squadron Workshops for the motivation to get my Diary into shape, and the RAEME Training Centre Museum for undertaking its publication. I have endeavoured to get the correct spelling of all personnel, and apologise for any errors.

I would also like to thank Judith Dittmar and Marg Christensen for their assistance in the preparation of my Diary for publication.

Bruce Dittmar
April, 1993

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