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Recovery in The Field - 1944

WO K.A. [Sandy] Tocock,mid - Recovery
Sandy Tocock
Sandy Tocock

When I transferred to RAEME from the British Army in the early 1950s, I had with me a special issue of the British Machine Tool Engineering, Jan-Feb-Mar 1944. Its 114 pages were devoted to the then new Corps of REME, its organization, operation and techniques. The foreword was written by the first Director of REME, Major General E.B. Rowcroft; available on this link

The section on Recovery in the Field covered Pages 7 to 17. They have been reproduced as web pages and may be viewed in the links below.

For those who are interested in or involved in the technical aspects of recovery, these pages will be very valuable. Throughout a long career, including as commander of an Armoured Recovery Vehicle on Operations, and later as a training specialist, these pages were a constant reference

British Machine Tool Engineering ... Jan-Feb-Mar 1944
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