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Opening Locked Security Containers

WO Bob Thompson, Art Armt
Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson

There were a number of times that I was asked to open security safes and security cabinets, especially in Saigon.

Capt. Ajj. Lee allowed me to go and do a safe cracking course for a week.

I was attached to a Top Sergeant Stone in Saigon. He taught me to open safes using psychology. For example

  • Find out the regimental number, birthdate etc of the last person responsible
  • Look in the draw of his desk, take out the draw, look under and at the end.
  • Use the Manufacture's registered number. Stone had a list of all the Manufacturer's safes numbers from when they send them out.
  • If all that failed he had a set of most used numbers.

I opened a few without trouble; I found most people would not bother to change the Manufacture's number as it's too much of a hassle

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